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What is Commercial Cleaning?

A clean, healthy and well-presented workplace is integral to make a positive impression on clients and create a welcoming, sanitary space for employees.

Do yourself a favour - walk into your company entrance: Now look down! That’s what your customers and guest tend to do when they enter your premises. What do they see? Is it sparkling, fresh, shiny tiles, or has your floors seen better cleaner days?

With our busy schedules and demanding jobs, the dirt build-up can easily get over looked. It can be difficult to find time to keep an eye on the cleaning crew or clean up by yourself during busy office hours, which is why many business owners look to commercial cleaning services.


Below we outline the different types of services to explore, each with its own set of benefits. To help you choose the right service, an experienced Area Manager will visit your premises and do an in-depth evaluation of your company’s cleaning needs. Call us for an inspection on 0861 800 300 or find your nearest branch here.

Every day Cleaning - Contract Cleaning

This service is a permanent cleaning team who will keep your office tidy and keep up with the day-to-day cleaning duties. They will empty the trash, clean desks, vacuum and mop so your office always looks fresh. 


These teams can be scheduled for night shift, day shift or early morning shifts to limit the disruption of your business. You can hire them on a contract basis with a minimum of 1 year.

Once off Cleaning - Deep Clean
Tile polishing
Project Related Cleaning

Some parts of your building or office may require more specialized cleaning from time to time. Skilled cleaning teams will perform duties such as deep-cleaning for carpeting, polishing floors, or deep cleaning bathrooms, canteens or kitchens.


Work with building staff to determine specific cleaning needs throughout the year so you can build a schedule for these services.


In this case it’s also wise to work with other tenants to develop an all-encompassing cleaning plan for the building so you get the most from your cleaning service.

Standard deep cleaning services are typically once off bookings, as and when needed. For example moving into a new building, once a year spring cleaning or after an event.


A large deep cleaning team will come in over the weekend and complete an in-depth, thorough cleaning of the office space.

carpet steam clean
office chair cleaning
cement floor cleaning
Specialized Cleaning

This service is ordered by a variety of clients, from companies fighting the spread of a virus as general as the common cold to industrial kitchens and medical facilities where the neutralization of pathogens plays an important role in their everyday business.


Specialized cleaning services help protect people and / or products in any facility by controlling the spread of harmful bacteria, virus, fungi, mold and dust mites.

This service is best used on a contractual basis to keep pathogens under control, high level disinfectants are deployed to keep your business environment clean and healthy. Ideal for large corporations, schools and other learning facilities, industrial / manufacturing plants, medical and hospital use.

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To get an estimate our area manager will do a full inspection of your premises and discuss your cleaning needs. Contact your nearest branch or email info@expertclean.co.za to make a booking. 

Expert Cleaning Services operates under the Franchise model from Cleaner SA Expert Cleaning services. All our branches are owner operated and offer the full spectrum of cleaning services.