Whether you are expecting a new baby into the family, moving into a new home, planning a big function or simply don't want to deal with the hassle of house cleaning, our Elite Full House Clean ensures your house is hygienically clean and continues to feel like home.

Why choose a full house cleaning services

Floors are always dirty, mainly because they are exposed to footwear that has been to different places in the span of a day. Regardless of the type of surface, Tile, Laminate, Carpets, they all have the ability to house a veritable treasure-trove of potentially infectious bacteria that can cause illness.

This is a disturbing fact, especially if you factor in that before you moved into your dream house, a stranger lived there.  


Imagine the day of the move, when it’s all over and done with, exhausted you step into your clean shower…


It might look clean, but is it hygienically clean?

At Expert Cleaning Service we know that the last thing you would want to find in your new home is a dirty floor / shower or cupboard, which is why we offer a full house cleaning and disinfecting service.


Our Area Manager will visit your premises for a free consultation and provide you with a detailed quote for cleaning and treating all the surfaces in your home.

You can choose from detailed steam cleaning, deep cleaning and disinfecting services that will give you peace of mind for the health of your family.

Moving should be an exciting and joyous event, a time for new beginnings, not a negative or unpleasant experience that leaves you drained and regretful.                  



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