HACCP Implementation Program

Exclusion of pests, such as insects, rodents and birds which can carry and spread disease organisms is critical to a HACCP program. If you have any HACCP queries or if you need to incorporate a pest control program within your food manufacturing process, Expert Pest Control Services can come up with the best pest management program for your business.


Today, many of the world’s best manufacturers and vendors use the system as a basis for their food safety management programs and for compliance audit schemes. Through analysis of hazards and where they can occur, Expert Pest Control helps implement systems and procedures to minimize risk. We provide a truly hands-on food safety management system at each and every operation in assisting in the management of critical control points. 

A food safety program, however, does not just stop with HACCP. To be effective, prerequisite programs such as pest control, traceability & recall, hygiene and sanitation need to be developed and implemented. Additionally, the issue of ensuring that suppliers and distributors also have a food safety program needs to be addressed through development of ingredient specifications and a vendor assurance system.